– Assist in any administrative area during regular office hours (9am – 5pm, Monday – Thursday).
– Sorting, filing, cutting or making phone calls for different departments.
– Assist Tech Director in the preparation and execution of video, lighting and sound elements for Adult / Student / Kids services.
– Assist when needed with funerals, weddings and special events.
Bags of Grace
– Assist in distributing bags.
– Assist in sorting and delivering items to community organizations.
Cafe Grace
– Assist in preparing smoothies, coffees, teas and selling snacks.
– Maintain a fun and exciting atmosphere while interacting with congregants and guests.
Caring Hearts
– Greet every person that enters the Worship Center. Be friendly and pleasant.
– Help in the Welcome Center after service.
– Hand out churchwide information when needed.
First Responders
– Assist in any medical situations during service times and/or special events.
Grace Meals
– Help with set-up, food prep and serving for weekly Ellison High School lunches, Wednesday night dinners, Sunday morning breakfasts and special events.
(Grace Meals are currently on hold until further notice.)
Greeter / Host
– Greet all guests as they arrive, making them feel welcome and directing families and answering questions as needed.
– Assist First Time Guests and parents with direction on where to go.

– Maintain a joyful and pleasant demeanor.

Guest Services
– Assist congregants with information about classes/locations and with online registration.
– Maintain a joyful and pleasant demeanor.
NEXGEN Kids Ministry
– Assist with classroom management, crafts and other activities.
– Maintain a fun atmosphere while connecting with kids and students.
Greeters: They are at the doors greeting and directing people where to go.
Check-in Workers: They are at the computers helping get first time guest into the system and also helping those that need assisted check in.
Master Teachers: Teach the class, oversee the flow of the class room, interact with kids.
Class Room helpers: Help with lessons, keep kids controlled and paying attention to lesson, interact with kids.
(Kids Action Studio)
Floor Monitors: Make sure kids are following rules, take kids to water fountain or bathroom, keeps kids quiet and paying attention during lesson, interacting with kids.
Floor Manger: Delegates areas for floor monitors, make sure everyone is there, helps floor monitors with any questions or concerns, introduces new kids and parents to KAS.
Master Teacher: Teaches the lesson, goes over rules and encourages kids to be excited about learning, interacts with kids.
Sound/AVL: Controls the sound and lights during service time.
Teen Helpers:
Ages 14-15 can work with 4’s+
Ages 16-17 can work with 2’s+
Ages 17+ can work in all areas
Maintenance / Housekeeping
– Help with the housekeeping of the church for special events.

Meals of Grace
– Help in the preparation of meals for those who are experiencing a life challenge whether ill or in the hospital.
Parking Lot / Golf Cart
– Helps direct the flow of traffic, ensuring that people arrive & depart safely from Grace Christian Center’s parking lot.
– Provides a convenient way for Grace Christian Center’s attendees to get from their car to the front door when they arrive, & back to their car when they leave.
– Assist in monitoring all of the cameras on campus during service times to maintain security.
– Inform correct personnel of concerning behavior or activities.
Special Events
– Help with set-up, tear down, crafts and decor prep.
NEXGEN Student Ministry
– Maintain a fun atmosphere while connecting with the students.
Greeters: At the doors greeting and directing people where to go
Check-in Workers: At the computers helping get first time guests into the system and also helping those that need assisted check-in


– Assist in all service flow including collecting and separating tithes/offerings every service.
– Prepare and distribute communion every First Sunday of every month.
– Assist guests in finding seats.
Worship Team
– Assist in leading the congregation in allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way.
– Be able to sing and/or play an instrument competently and maintain an attitude of worship.


One of the most fulfilling things any of us can do in life is be a blessing to others. This is done through the gifts and talents that God has given each of us. Ephesians 2:10 tells us, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” God gave every person the gifts and talents that we need to complete our mission for the Kingdom.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 20:26, “…but whoever desires to become great among you, let Him be your servant.” Romans 12:3-8 talks about serving God with the gifts He has given us. Verse 7 talks about the gift of ministering. The word minister here is the Greek word ‘diakonia.’ We get the word deacon from this word. It means to be an attendant (as in a servant).

With all this in mind, we are to use the gifts that God created us with to serve others. The Helps Ministry consists of all places in Grace Christian Center where you have an opportunity to bless others by serving. We ask that every person prayerfully consider where they may serve God. Every service takes between 75 and 100 volunteers, so we know there is a place for you!