Missionary Work


The Missions Ministry here at Grace isn’t just about providing a person with a meal or a blanket. It is developing the whole person and helping them realize their purpose in life.

We realize the importance of sharing God’s Word with the world. As part of the vision here at Grace Christian Center, our missionary work includes financial and prayerful support that goes to multiple Bible schools and ministries in China, Ethiopia, and Israel.



We believe in making a difference in our city. We do that through partnering with local organizations through our Bags of Grace program. Each month we collect items and donate them to a local charity in our city.

Another way we serve our city is through our Ellison Lunch Program. On Monday through Thursday we offer lunches to the students of Ellison High School for $3. We are blessed to be able to provide a safe environment for the students to have a healthy meal, and spend time with their friends.