FREEDOM MINISTRY is a Kingdom-focused discipleship ministry designed to help you become truly free. We define freedom as the ability to respond fully to God out of who He created and redeemed you to be. We’ll help you identify and remove: the core lies, soul wounds, demonic oppression, and life patterns that are all obstacles which stand in the way of the life Jesus has made available to every believer.

WHY FREEDOM? There are many believers who have been hurt and are carrying burdens from their past. Those situations are still their focus, even when they try not to let them be their focus. They could have been caused by a parent, past or present spouse, relative or friend. The freedom that is experienced through this ministry is not limited to just those who have been hurt The Holy Spirit has the ability to reveal to them the very thing in their heart that has become their focus, so that it can be brought to light and confronted, and healing can be received. This is the type of ministry where it doesn’t really matter what issue is hindering you, because God has the ability to reveal those things that we’ve forgotten about or thought were hidden. We might not even realize that something was a hindrance to our growth and relationships until God shines a light on it. This ministry shows us how God really sees us, what He thinks of us, and how much He values us as His children.


FREEDOM BASICS serves as the entry point for Freedom Ministry. This eight-week class contains the essential principles of freedom and lays the groundwork for you to hear who God made you to be and empower you to live the way He intended.

FREEDOM EXPERIENCE is designed as a safe atmosphere for you, within a group setting, to encounter the Holy Spirit through ministry activities and worship. This event is more about God’s healing presence than teaching or lectures.

FREEDOM FOCUS classes highlight topics that may have been briefly taught during Freedom Experience. These classes go into more detail within a smaller group setting, where those who are struggling with these issues can come together, minister to one another and pray.


Event Venue Date
Freedom Experience Worship Center
  • October 28, 2017 8:00 am

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.John 8:36


Event Venue Date
A Beautiful Exchange: Our Lament For His Peace Family Life Center - Room 212
  • November 1, 2017 7:00 pm