Psalm 91:11-12 says this in the Message Bible, “He ordered His angels to guard you wherever you go. If you stumble, they’ll catch you; their job is to keep you from falling.” Angels have an incredible task of protecting people from harm, especially those who put themselves in harm’s way so that others will not have to.

Today, take the time to pray for the Fire Chief and the firefighters in your city. Go to your city’s website to retrieve the name of the Fire Chief and others who are a part of the Fire Department. Pray for angels to protect them and keep them safe as they respond to calls that put them in difficult situations. Ask God to help them in extinguishing fires quickly and efficiently. Pray that the numerous hours of training will assist them in handling every fire without harm to themselves or those involved in the fire. Pray that all of their equipment will never malfunction and keep them safe.


“My Father in heaven, today, I pray for the Fire Chief and the firefighters of my city. I pray that Your angels will watch, guard and keep them safe from all harm and injury. May their response time to each fire be quick and efficient. I pray they work well together as a team and that they are mindful and attentive to one another. I pray that the citizens of my city will have a greater appreciation, honor and respect for our firefighters. May their bravery and loyalty to their job be rewarded as You provide them with all things that they need for life and family. In the Name of Jesus I pray, amen!”

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