“For the LORD gives wisdom, and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.” [Proverbs 2:6] Our city council members need to be prayed for on a daily basis. They need to know that the citizens of their city are covering them with a “blanket” of prayer. City council members need wisdom from God, not just the wisdom of man.

Today, take the time to pray for your city council. Go to your city’s website and begin to pray for the mayor and the councilmen/women. Pray for unity, which brings a commanded blessing. Pray for them to make decisions that are best for the city. Pray that their decisions will benefit all the citizens. Pray against hidden agendas, lying and manipulative antics, divisive behavior and any actions or reactions that are against their fellow council members. Ask God to remove those who do not have the citizen’s and the city’s best interest at heart with every vote they cast.


“My Father in heaven, today, I pray for the men and women who sit on the city council of my city. I pray for unity, harmony and mutual respect to be shown to each other. I pray for the council chambers to be a place of peace and wisdom. May each seat be filled by a man/woman who thinks and responds to every decision with a biblical “filter.” I pray that the city council will have the patience to hear a citizen’s complaint and/or question. I ask that You give them the wisdom of King Solomon, that they would know right from wrong and know how to lead the people well. I call each councilman/woman “blessed, and highly favored of the Lord.” May the businesses they own be prosperous and successful. In Jesus’ Name I pray, amen!”

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