“Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from Him.” [Psalm 127:3] What an incredible way to look at a child… a “gift” from God. The way you receive and how you treat a gift that is given to you says a lot about you to the person who is giving you the gift. It is a privilege, it is a joy and it is a great responsibility to be the parent of one of God’s “gifts.”

Today, take the time to pray for your children. Pray for their hearts to be turned towards God. Pray that they will not stray from the narrow road that leads to life and salvation. Pray for them to have the right type of friends. Pray for them to discover their God-given purpose. Pray for their hearts, minds and souls to be protected from the “ways of this world” and for them to not lose their innocence as they grow older. Pray against the attacks of the enemy against your role in their life as their parent, protector, teacher and guide. Pray for angels to guard your children. Pray that their spirit would always be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the ways of God.

Make your children a priority, your time of influence in their life is short. Understand that God knows your children better than you do. Rely on His Word to help you train, love, equip and correct your children.


“My Father in heaven, today, I pray for my children. Thank You for my son/daughter! I pray that _____________ (your child’s name) will be everything that You have ordained him/her to be. Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done in every area of their life. May they know You as their Father and Lord. May their heart always be turned towards You. Thank You for my children. They are a gift to me from You! I am blessed because I am a parent! Amen!”

***If you are not a parent, pray for your future children. If you do not plan on having children, pray for the children of families that are close to you.***

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